An Information Devices Save U. S. Steel? Essay

An Information Systems Save U. S. Stainlesss steel?

Case Study – May Information Systems Save U. S. Metal?

1 . Sum it up U. S i9000. Steel's current

competitive situation.

In spite of its impressive (new) data systems and significant investments in information technology, U. S. Stainlesss steel still looks stiff (hard) competition. Many issues facing USS contain: v Economies of level

v Significant losses due to a downturn and affordable prices

v Among the key conditions that USS offers is the location

v Producing higher-grade steel

v An industry that produces more steel compared to the world utilizes As the case mentions, USS spends $240 to produce a ton of stainlesss steel, and 50 % of that value is spent on getting and delivery raw materials. In contrast, one of its key competitors, Southern region Korea's POSCO, incurs $175-$180 per ton, is located for the Pacific shoreline, has extremely modern features, and uses the Internet to get the company's actions. 2 . How are information systems related to the way U. H. Steel works its organization? What role is played out by source chain management systems? How can these systems provide worth for USS? Currently, USS's continuous circulation manufacturing system is a critical (key) component of their business. As stated in the case, USS manages it is entire source chain via a single included system. The continuous movement manufacturing system facilitates purchase entry by simply customers, credit rating authorization, automatic order era, order checking, product configuration, order happiness, order delivery, and require forecasting. The supply chain management system allows the customer to enter his order via the Web, indicating product limits and functions. Once the buy is moved into and customer credit qualifies, an accurate selling price quote can be quickly sent back to the customer. The buy tracking system triggers each step of the process in the purchasing process, ASNs, and transport. The product setup system uses complex business rules and procedures to look for the right mix of product technical specs and prices. 3. What...