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The enlightenment was a time frame where many people like John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, and Grande de Montesquieu came up with new ideas to alter how persons lived and governments dominated over presently there people. These kinds of ideas not merely helped provide people legal rights but they also helped the founding fathers write the constitution, and influence Thomas Jefferson to write down the Assertion of Freedom. These someones ideas molded how government authorities rule by providing people all their natural born legal rights and creating system of checks and balances. They also helped challenge the monarchy system of having a one ruler control everything and everyone. The monarchy system acquired its positive aspects; however it as well had many flaws. One person controlling every thing is certainly not the best way to any country.

John Locke was a English statesman, thinker, and political theorist. Locke was the key source of the idea of enlightenment. Locke's primary goals were to help and understand human conditions under a ruler. Locke's ideas inspired the Declaration of Freedom, the Cosmetic, and the Invoice of Legal rights. Locke aimed to find new ways to protect a person's individual rights and liberty for everyone. Locke believed in a civil government that promoted property rights, peace, and unity for all. He thought that all frequent rebellions stemmed from government authorities endangering or violating someones natural legal rights. Locke thought governments should certainly exclude the application of force against their people as it infringed upon their particular natural privileges and was unnecessary. Locke developed the idea of a authorities made up of something of controls. These checks and balances created a program that divided control and governance similarly between 3 separate but equal branches of government. Locke felt this was the finest and most effective form of a government.

Jones Hobbes a new different take on humanity, observing humans to be primarily self-centered and brutish. Hobbes was influenced a lot by all the new scientific...