Crisis Administration Essay

Turmoil Management

SPD4287 Public Relations and Crisis Management

Semester A single, 2012/13

Group Project





Executive Summary you

Part A – Problems Analysis

1 . Crisis a couple of – several

2 . Research 4 – 5

several. Response 6 – 8

4. Review 9

your five. Recommendation 10

Part W – Advertising Plan

1 ) 5-step PUBLIC RELATIONS Management Process 11 – 14

2 . Image Restoration 15

several. Reputation Restore 16 – 17

Executive Summary

Hong Kong Airlines is at a state of chaos after having a severe hurricane Vicente roared into Hong Kong, shuttering most of the city. Numerous Hong Kong Airlines' passengers by check-in counters were annoyed and upset. Some floor crew associates complained that they had been working non-stop for more than 24 hours prior to being able to go back home. All these got turned program management issues into problems. HAECO halted providing her services. With no HAECO's companies, Hong Kong Air carriers faced regular flight holdups hindrances impediments. The effectiveness of Hk Airlines to response the crisis is far from adequate.. Reporters were unable to make contact with the interaction department of Hong Kong Air carriers for their replies on the damage.

Hong Kong Airlines should build five-step advertising process to survive from the catastrophe. For the environmental scanning, finances airline is usually an aircarrier that generally has reduced fares and fewer comforts. She ought to increase the gets punctuality price. For planning, they should raise the pushback car and give guarantee to improve the freight being on time rate. Supporting spokesperson Tony a2z Hung may enhance the awareness of Hong Kong Flight companies. For the message design and performance, they should stress on the shipping punctuality charge and visibility. Finally, they must evaluate the shipping punctuality level and the rate of people via Hong Kong International Airport.

To get the image restoration, Hong Kong Air carriers should present corporate celebrazione in front of press media. Free of charge upgrade give is also a form of scheme to catch influenced customers for flight. Pertaining to the standing rebuild, Hk Airlines should build transferrable network amongst different flight companies to offer customers a ‘promise' with only one-hour flight delay. Part A

1 . Crisis

Hk Airlines was in a state of chaos after having a severe storm struck the city with gale-force winds and rain, shuttering much of the metropolis.

Hurricane Vicente roared into Hong Kong on Mon 23 This summer 2012, gradually intensifying throughout the day. The Hk Observatory given a tropical cyclone caution No . almost eight signal upon Monday five: 44 l. m., ultimately raising this to a Number 10 sign at 12: 45 a. m. Wednesday 24 Come july 1st. It is the most detrimental storm to hit Hong Kong in 13 years.

348 international plane tickets were postponed and 39 cancelled inside the aftermath of Typhoon Vicente. A number of flight companies, including Cathay Pacific, Monster Air, Air flow India, Hk Airlines, Atmosphere China, Korean Air, Delta, etc ., had been affected, but Hong Kong Airlines was the one that suffered the most.

Hundreds of Hong Kong Airlines' passengers for check-in counters were annoyed and furious as almost all of the 90 flights scheduled on 23 September evening and 24 This summer were delayed or cancelled. Long queues stretched in terms of the entrance of the appearance hall.

Many holidaymakers complained the poor arrangements by the airline on her behalf confusion and delayed excursions, with several hours of holding out, tempers at times became so frayed that police had to be called in to help maintain order. Cases of alleged strike on crew members had been reported. A female ground team broke down and cried following slapped throughout the faced by an irritated passenger. There was clearly at least one criminal arrest – a 31-year-old woman who added a container of distilled water on the male earth crew in 28 July, Saturday.

On the staff side, some ground crew users complained they'd been operating non-stop intended for...