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The right way to Kit

Literacy Games to get


Deninu KГ»e

NWT Literacy Authorities

Celebrate Literacy in the NWT

Literacy Online games for Adults

Many people coming from all ages can easily play literacy games. They may be a lot of fun. They can:

• help reduce tension

• make the learning environment convenient

• help build great relationships, and...

• they're also educational.

And... you may play these people in any language—English, French, or perhaps an Primitive language!

With this How to Kit, you will find …

A variety of literacy

games for all adults, and

assisting materials

Concepts on how to adjust

them to generate more video games

Suggestions for establishing

them to People from france or the

Aboriginal languages

NWT Literacy Authorities


Observe Literacy inside the NWT


1 . Question participants to pick a theme, just like literacy, residence, school, children, etc .

2 . Give each participant a Bingo Credit card (attached), or perhaps ask them to help to make their own.

a few. Ask members to phone out of sixteen words related to that motif, one term at a time—for case in point, kitchen, back garden, etc .

four. Write every single word for the board or possibly a flipchart. As well, ask every participant to write the word in different of the bins.

5. Call out the terms at random. The first participator to get a direct line and call out " Bingo! ” is the victor.

6. You are able to play this game using French or perhaps an Primitive language. Choose a topic like animals or maybe the land, yet another topic wherever people may be familiar with the text. You can phone the game an additional name, in the event that that is appropriate for your community.

Let's play Bingo!

NWT Literacy Council


Observe Literacy in the NWT

Credit card

NWT Literacy Council


Celebrate Literacy in the NWT

Group Stop

1 .

Split participants in groups of four to five.

2 .

Give each group a piece of flipchart paper and have them to flip their linen into of sixteen boxes.

a few.

Give a different coloured marker to each group.


Employing themes like food, cars, countries, and so forth, ask participants to call up out the brands of examples for that motif.


Create one phrase at a time within the board. Simultaneously, ask groups to write the word in any package on their piece of newspaper. Make sure everybody gets the opportunity to write. The moment all sixteen boxes are filled, each group will have a unique Bingo credit card.


Pertaining to the initial game, the participants group of friends the word prove sheet when they hear it. Contact out the phrases randomly and put a group beside each one that you call out. When a group has a whole

line, that they win.


Now question groups to exchange papers.


For the second game, they will mark the words with a great " X”. When a group has a right line, they win.

on the lookout for.

Exchange the papers again, and continue to play similar to this until all of the words had been called.

10. You can also enjoy this video game using French or a great Aboriginal vocabulary.

NWT Literacy Council


Celebrate Literacy in the NWT


1 . Divide individuals into categories of 5.

installment payments on your Each member from the crew donates the first and last letter of their 1st and last names. For instance , Bill Cruz donates ‘b', ‘l', ‘s' and ‘h'.

3. Every single group must have 20 characters.

4. Collectively, the group writes straight down as many words as they may, using the reference letters.

5. When the facilitator telephone calls " Time! ”, the groups need to stop composing. 6. Each group reads out their words and phrases. The one with the most words wins.

NWT Literacy Authorities


Enjoy Literacy in the NWT

Buchstabenfolge Scavenger Search

1 . Divide participants in groups of four to five.

2 . They have to use almost all 26 words of the alphabet for the scavenger look. 3. Inside their groups, members try to find some thing in the room they can see that starts with every letter with the alphabet. They need only one issue for each notice.

4. The first group to find items for all twenty six letters reads out their phrases. If the terms are all OKAY, this group is the victor. If virtually any are not OK, the game carries on until another group finishes.

NWT Literacy Council