Cigarettes Article



A cigarette may seem harmless enough - tobacco leaves protected in vintage white newspaper. But when it burns, it releases an unhealthy cocktail of approximately 4, 000 chemicals which include:

more than 75 cancer-causing chemical compounds

hundreds of different poisons.

cigarette smoking, a highly addictive drug, and a lot of additives designed to make smokes taste nicer and keep people who smoke and hooked.


a term that describes a collection of stable particles that smokers inhale when they lumination a cigarette. It is a blend of lots of chemicals, many of which will cause cancers. When it settles, tar forms a sticky, brown deposits that can stain smokers' pearly whites, fingers and lungs.


It can cause cancer and also damaging the heart and its particular blood vessels. It may interfere the power of repairing our genetics.


a solvent used to production other chemicals, including gas. It is well-established that benzene can cause cancers, particularly leukaemia.


a metal used mostly to make batteries. the amounts of cadmium present in cigarette smoke are capable of affecting our overall health and It is a known reason behind cancer, and will also damage the kidneys and the linings of the arterial blood vessels. prevent the cells from repairing broken DNA.


a stinky chemical used to kill bacteria, preserve lifeless bodies and manufacture other chemicals. It really is one of the chemicals in smoking cigarettes smoke most likely to trigger diseases within our lungs and airways. It causes cancers.


an unusual, radioactive element which can deliver radiation right to surrounding cellular material will cause cancers.


a metal accustomed to make metal alloys, chemical dyes and paints and will come in different types. It is rather toxic and known to cause lung tumor.


a great industrial chemical used in rubberized manufacture. Some scientists believe of all the chemicals in smoking cigarettes smoke, Butadiene may present the greatest total cancer risk.

Polycyclic fragrant hydrocarbons

several powerful cancer-causing...