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Contributions of Ancient Greece – Alexander III the Great

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Efforts of Historic Greece – Alexander 3 the Great

Alexander III the truly great, the Full of Miscuglio and conqueror of the Persian Empire is known as one of the greatest armed service geniuses all times. Alexander came to be in 356 BC in Pella, the ancient capital of Miscuglio. He was son of Phillip II, California king of Miscuglio. He put in his childhood watching his father generate Macedon an excellent military electric power, winning win after victory on the battlefields. When Alexander was 13, his father hired the Greek thinker Aristotle to become his personal teacher. � For 3 years Aristotle taught Alexander about books and got him interested in research, medicine, and philosophy. Phillip II kept his sixteen year old child, Alexander, the power to guideline Macedonia in his absence when he visited battle. The Thracian group of Maedi rebelled and was a danger to the Macedonia, so Alexander put an army together and defeated the Maedi. Couple of years later Alexander destroyed the Greek military services. At the age of 18 Alexander proved he was capable to rule his country. Alexander was a wonderful general, nevertheless he written for today's society also. His main goal was one universe, one people, one leader. He wanted people to readily trade, travel and leisure, and live wherever they would like to. He wanted to combine the very best and the worst of all the cultures and produce one nationality where everyone is the same. He developed common approach to currency for the entire kingdom. The western world started to be almost an individual place. It had been brought jointly by a common culture that shows in our language, literary works, and education today. The Greek terminology was a application that Alexander the Great used to bring the Ancient greek territories together. Although having been Macedonian, the main culture of his place was Greek. Alexander spoke Greek and Greek was your culture and language of business and government. When he conquered a brand new area, he was concerned with judgment it and making it area of the empire. His managers might...

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