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To state that 27-year-old Willis Earl Beal provides lived a colourful life would be a serious understatement. The Chicago native can confirm that his life have been one of " monotony" - which it includes at times -- but stints in the military, an ongoing wish to be a super-hero, bouts of serious illness and a stretch of sleeping rough in an unfamiliar desert area wouldsuggest or else. As an outsider designer, Beal's profession always persisted just further than his imagination, witha great leaving handmade novels, art work and CD-Rs across America to promote his work, suggesting a needy desire to be read. This practice of " gifting" -- matched having a natural thriving voice, abundant with selection and a talent pertaining to penning natural, beautiful melodies - generated early features in both equally Found plus the Chicago Reader that transformed his life's course. Beal's creativity found the attention of Hot Charitable trust / XL Recordings who have released Acousmatic Sorcery in March, this is an 11 song established Beal had written and recorded on a discarded karaoke machine while residing in Albuquerque, NM. Since the launch of Acousmatic Sorcery, Willis Earl Beal has performe across the country the world, doing in golf clubs and fests with nothing more than his any guitar and backup tape equipment to support him. Delivering heart baring activities night following night, Beal has been lauded for not only his oral mastery nevertheless the intensity with which he functions. And, despite the fact that his subsequent has grown plus the broadsheets possess backed him, his desire to be heard on his own terms not changed - which explains why he's working together with BitTorrent to continue his practice of " gifting" music for the world intended for the inquisitive to discover.