Diary Items of Napoleon Bonaparte Article

Diary Entries of Napoleon Bonaparte

Journal Entries of Napoleon Bonaparte

November twenty-five, 1799

Special Diary,

I actually, Napoleon Bonaparte, have finally prevailed! I have become the new good leader of France. Due to Revolution, I advanced through the position of lieutenant inside the artillery to a full-fledged basic, which improved my life totally and offered me a world filled with power. I actually am regarded as our nation's savior and am cared for as a hero to everyone. Yes, I am aware people do not like dictatorship and an entire ruler in the whole, yet I am going to be a dictator together with the utmost electricity. But I am not really that unreasonable to be and so obvious. I will hold a referendum by which all The french language men may vote to either agree to or deplore of my personal new plan. I am sure just about all would recognize my electrical power since, who with minds would seriously go against such a man as me previously treated a hero by majority? They dare certainly not...

January 7, 1800

Dear Diary,

Every thing seems to be heading perfectly well. It can be my universe! As I include expected, people accepted my personal regime, and it was by a vote of three , 000, 000 to truck. As First Consul, We hold the true power and therefore I can grind anyone who moves against my personal will and my thoughts. Even though My spouse and i act as an overall total dictator who have limits totally free speech and severely censors the press, most people tend to like me. They do not have political liberty or representative federal government, but they nonetheless think remarkably of me personally and pay esteem. It is every due to my own cleverness. Of-course these people honor me! I've offered them order, stableness, efficiency and on top of most that, armed service victory, although, before My spouse and i ruled, all they had was chaos, beat, and disorder! They should appreciate me, and I have the directly to dictate these poor soles who will need a ruler to secret them all and provide them tranquility and order.

March sixteen, 1804

Dear Diary,

I have already been crowned the emperor of France! I actually am no longer just the General Napoleon Bonaparte, First Consul of the French Republic, but now I am Napoleon We, Emperor of the...