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1. 0 Introduction

In the current society, having an education is a great advantage or typically, a requirement to arrive at a job. Therefore, people started to be very tight on deciding on their educational institution to make sure that they are competitive in any means possible. Yet , in the Filipino setting, when a student wants to be chosen instantly following graduation or have what we frequently call a ‘competitive advantage', they tend to go to Manila and pursue Higher education in the university belt with the country. This is often pointed out that these educational institutions provide an exceptional training ground for their college students to prepare these people in entering the corporate community — an exercise ground based on adapting the educational curriculum named Outcomes-Based Education (OBE). Hence, rooting through the adaptation of such program by Manila schools, Provincial universities who also are still making use of the traditional strategy are kept in the situation of lessening enrollees that continuously change as annually pass. As a result, University of Batangas, a provincial school using the classic method in teaching, is faced with similar predicament. University of Batangas (UB) guaranteed its college students with quality education and it is what student's are looking for — quality education that will put together them to deal with the issues of their selected careers. Yet , is the university's current programs still effective to provide quality education? Or perhaps is it the main reason that students are putting away the university in their list of prospect educational institutions to attend? Will the adaptation of Outcomes-Based Education be the important thing to uplift the quality of education in the university and perhaps, catch the attention of students to choose UB? Consistent with all this, the researcher was totally fascinated and questioned with the possible effects of the use of OBE for the university, hence the perform of this examine was made. The typical objective on this study is to confirm the marketability of the University of Batangas if it adapts Outcomes-Based Education. Specifically, this aims to accomplish the following goals: 1 . To recognize the students and oldsters preferences intended for Education. installment payments on your To identify in the event that an Outcomes-Based Education system is loved by students. three or more. To determine in the event that an Outcomes-Based Education system is likely to make the university or college more marketable. 4. To ascertain if the University or college of Batangas should adapt Outcomes-Based Education in instructing. 5. To collect suggestions about the university's educational program that will appeal to students to venture to University of Batangas. This kind of study is definitely significant as it will provide a better understanding upon Outcomes-Based Education as well as the attributes that can be the catalyst of educational reform inside the university as well as help UB adapt inside the ever-changing educational environment. Additionally, it may help generate an innovative strategy in teaching the scholar's to make them more competitive. This analyze is beneficial for the researcher as he will gain knowledge upon Outcomes-Based Education which they can use in his aim to get more info which they can use like a marketing professional. Moreover, the analysis will also be of great help to the school as it will give you them observations about a great innovated instructing curriculum which may prove of big benefit to uplift the name of the university through creating a picture of a college or university that is superb in honing competitive and excellent graduates. This research can also support prove the marketability of the institution making use of the Outcomes-Based Education. On the other hand, this study can also help Professors as well as teachers so that they can create a new instructing style that wont only make the students find out but also apply the actual learn. This is also beneficial to the students as they will probably be enlightened to a new method of learning it can easily increase their expertise and most coming from all, this analyze will be of big assistance to future researchers wherever they can create new suggestions and...

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