Humoristische Karte Von Europa Im Jahre 1914 Article

Humoristische Karte Von Europa Im Jahre 1914

Humoristische Karte von Europa im Jahre 1914

The cartoon impression of The european countries shows a facial appearance for each region on the map. There a 6 primary forces: Philippines, Italy, Austria- Hungary, Russian federation, England and France

The German born has a war helmet above his head, to show he is protected. He is full worked out and provides the Frenchman by throat and it is beating apart the Russian bear. You may tell this can be easy for the German as he is grinning. Its in the middle of all the controversy so it can fight by all aspects.

France will be cowardly running away from Germany's extending adjustable rate mortgage around their neck. The whole of the country appears scared and it looks like their running backside for help. It is also holding the Eiffel Tower, signifies it's the just thing England have got.

Austria-Hungary is preventing Russia and Serbia and it is kicking Montenegro in the again. It shows men fighting together against Russia, this kind of shows right now there all in unanimity in fighting. All of their empire will be attacking The ussr with eagerness. The big persona in Austria-Hungry looks like he is smiling and enjoying the moment

Russia gruesomely opens it is mouth to swallow Philippines and Luxembourg whole, it has a vodka container in one palm and a whip inside the other. This means that that the Russia is ruthless, aggressive, and it has a beverage problem, like the Vikings. It looks like its waiting to assault the countries. There is also a powder keg at the end of the country, showing that with one little spark, all the opposing countries could possibly be killed

Britain is located on bags involving, showing its either genuinely rich or it doesn't use its money. The Bulldog portrays Britain as quite small nevertheless powerful and scary. Ireland in europe is trying to slice the chain connecting all of them and Ireland, Wales and England. The japanese is joined to Great britain in unison, so wherever Britain go, Japan goes with these people

The Italia is staying in its footwear, waiting for their moment to intervene and pounce. I think calm and ready.

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