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lessons learned

Lessons Learned

I think the best lessons learned anytime are the most difficult ones to make it through. Romans a few: 3-4 says, " Delight, too, when we run into challenges and trials, for we can say that they support us develop endurance. Strength develops power of figure, and character strengthens our confident desire of solution. ” I actually rely on this scripture today. I have not at all times trusted god. I have learned many lessons. I was soon to learn the most crucial one of all.

When I first found know the Lord it was as though I developed an amazing impression of serenity. I believed so safe. I could appear God keeping me in the strong adoring hands. Life was beautiful, the turf was more environmentally friendly, and the blossoms bloomed exclusively for me. I awoke every morning so cheerful that I sensed warm and fuzzy inside. Love poured from my heart as if it had been the living water. This felt to as if nothing at all could get it wrong, nothing would ever be able to defeat me. I was strong, I was excellent. I was a lot better than those different sinners. That they just did not get it. I had been terribly wrong.

I will never forget the morning I managed to get the news. Somebody very close to my opinion had died. How could this have took place? I began to question god. What happened to this wonderful sense of peacefulness? My family member was absent. I cried, " God why do you do this to me? ” " Understand that I love you. ” he answered. I was faithful however the Lord acquired hurt me personally. I toughened my heart, I turned my again on the Master. My life became unbearably hard.

Finally, I had developed to learn my personal lesson. The Lord allowed me to continue daily miserably. We held on my bogus sense of pride which has a death proper grip. Walking in defiance, I actually dared the Lord to show up. I would demonstrate Him. I actually pretended to become tough externally. I was actually broken inside. I knew zero hope or perhaps happiness. Then one night, cracked and by itself, I humbly cried out to the Lord. Again He was right now there, holding me in His solid loving hands.

In the end I learned the most valuable lesson of all; to trust in god with...