Living in Big City and Countryside Essay

Living in Big City and Countryside

Living in big city

□ Benefits:

o A large number of entertainment with good support

o Usually takes the chance to research and might be best

o Many school, clinic ( education, take care of persons better □ Disadvantage

o Air pollution

to Traffic jam

to Price is very mexpensive

o Noisy

o A big quantity of citizen

to Stress with work, study

Living in countryside:

□ Edge

o Atmosphere is refreshing ( best for health

um Quiet

um People can live near with mother nature more ( sighseeing gorgeous, feel rest, reduce anxiety □ Disadvantage

o Various people truly feel boring

um Less institution, hospital ………………..

Life within a big city, in my opinion, has good things and bad issues in the fields of education and environment.

First, big cities present good education system.  In fact, almost all of the famous educational institutions and superb colleges and foreign language university are located inside the city. Thus when we live here, we certainly have a lot of chances to study further with professional methods. We can as well attend evening classes in order to improve each of our knowledge and skills. Yet , in a big city, the education should also encounter up to(face with) a lot of challenges including: dropout position more, college violence inscreasing, and overcrowding in some institution which have top quality. In addition , kids who increase up in big cities don't have time and have very little time to rest, since study pressure is very large. � In summary, excluded good stuff above, these challenges impact quality from the education in big towns.

The second concern is the environment in big cities.  Many people lamented that living environment of big city is actually polluted to have. It is authentic that city's residents need to suffer from many kinds of pollution. The dramatically skyrocket of traffic congestion such as vans, buses, cabs, motorbikes trigger not only pollution but likewise noise pollution. Additionally , as a result of...