Essay regarding Seek Our god, Not Mammon

Search for God, Certainly not Mammon

Theme: Seek The almighty, Not Mammon


Matthew chap 6: 24-34

This phase is a well-known chapter. It's one of the chapters from the Sermon on the Support where Christ was disciplining His enthusiasts. There is Matt 5, six and several. Furthermore the verse we are focusing on is Matt 6: 33 a verse you learnt verbatim in Weekend school, a verse you learnt in baptism course, a passage that when on offer in a crowd asking for bible verses is actually one that arises. So many of us agree 2 weeks . well-known sentirse for us to state. But I have to ask would it be a well-known sentirse for us to have. Is it a verse that is certainly well resided especially in these kinds of trepadatious occasions? How many people really search for God and never Mammon? Keep these queries in mind over the time internet marketing speaking up here. Point 1: Although Seek

What is in search of.

When we search for something or someone we mean we want to acquire or perhaps obtain it. Therefore we are continually going after and desiring this point or person. When you claim you're in search of a thing or person it indicates you will be M. A. D about it. When I say M. A. Deb about it I am talking about you have a Mental Attitude Dynamic about this. It's a attitude, have made up in your mind you are going to pursue what you're seeking come what may. Regardless of the obstacle that presents itself you will definitely seek what you desire. We do this because we believe whatever it really is worthy to get sought; it can add benefit to our lifestyle.

Thus we experience the ABC's of whatever were seeking. 1st we Recognize the thing or person is of some benefit (will add meaning to our life) therefore we Believe they are really worthy to get sought and we Commit to going after this person or thing.

Have you ever watched some of those private investigator pictures like CSI or Law and Order, and in addition they want to find drugs or any piece of facts. In order to do this they use Harrass dogs, they will let the hounds dog smell. We need to wind up as that within our seeking always be determine focused enough.