Essay on Management of Technology

Management of Technology

Management of Technology in Marketing Point of view

1 . Launch

Management of Technology (MOT) is defined as an area of Analyze that deals with the production of humane actions and cultural activities related to innovation, creation and advancement new technology. The evolving global business environment requires commanders capable of managing the most up-to-date advances in technology. Technology, whether they originate from industry, great, or additional sectors, must be nurtured and carefully led to the market place. Market has got great likelihood of innovation and new advancement in technology. Market offers great possibility of innovation and new expansion in technology. The answer to the question that what is the difference between Worth addition of technology (Topic covered in last presentation) and GENTEMOT is that they are two distinct domains. In value addition we are end user of existing technology and they are adding some value to technology. However in MOT we are technology constructors, we are basically creating the thought, using creativity, and then materializing the whole principle into a merchandise that can be marketed. " Marketing is not just front marketing but marketing begins from strategy generation to concept materialization because finally that has to end up being marketed”

2 . Background of Managing of Technology

Management of technology relates to the planning, building, and manufacturing of a item based on technological developments. VOCABLE products happen to be better sold and loved by user interims of features, price and features etc . Companies make use of technological creation to reduce expense and add extra features to the products. Now marketing is immediately linked with technology and it is not being used because marketing tool nevertheless also being a value addition technique to the merchandise. MOT started at 81. In 1990, information is becoming an important managing issue. For this reason, the Chief Info Officer (CIO) and the involvement of managing in the Will probably be...