Midterm Dissertation


Government is divided into 3 branches with independent roles assigned to them; nevertheless , all of the branches have to interact according to the rule of checks and balances. The three branches are: legal, judicial and executive department. Legislative part is the most powerful branch of the federal government. Legislative department is advancing by Our elected representatives, House and Senate, and is also responsible to make laws. Judicial branch is run by Supreme Court docket and is accountable to interpret laws and the President is the head of Executive part and is responsible to implement laws. " Congress can be described as powerful institution and is able of making superb historical adjustments when the American public asks them to perform so”. In respect to this statement, if legal branch is usually headed by the Congress, then simply legislative is the most powerful subset of government.

Congress ideal for creating the regulations and that's the primary purpose of all their existence. There is a process which includes 7-8 procedure for create the laws which in turn takes times but they have made this process purposely to avoid any kind of problems pertaining to the Congress as well as the American Public. As judicial department is accountable to interpret laws and executive branch is accountable to impose laws, if perhaps Congress or legislative part doesn't make the laws, then the other two limbs would not be able to perform their duties for the laws and regulations.

According to the textbook, " Congress creates lower process of law, determines jurisdiction, except for first jurisdiction of Supreme The courtroom; can impeach and take out judges” (Chapter Two, Pg 58). Congress is also liable to create " agencies, gives, funds, can easily override vorbehalt and can impeach and remove President” (Chapter Two, Pg 58). In the event Congress is the one producing decisions about who gets hired and who gets fired like a government standard, or where you should provide the cash and what agencies to develop, Congress is the most powerful subset of the government. Judicial officials and the presidents get removed via an...