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Product Line- Maruti Suzuki includes a product line of 16 vehicles inclusive of thirty-two new and refurbished alternatives in the last 6 years. Image- Maruti is percieved as a trusted brand for the middle-class families. It is far from known for its luxury, that has been evident from your lack of accomplishment of their luxury brands- kizakshi and grand vitiara. It is also reputed for its energy efficiency, main the diesel-powered cars. Technology and experience: Maruti was your first auto company set up in India and is in operations the past 33 years. They have established a lot of experience within the period of time. Technically decently experienced, Maruti provides new types coming out with CNG facilities. Tradition: According into a popular web page JobBuzz, the top reason to do business with Maruti is perfect for the brand brand, followed by the training and development and people in Maruti believes relationship managing is the best method to succeed in Maruti. The company aims for a company culture with high ideals of honest behaviour, specific accountablity and transparent disclosure Goals: As the leader in the Indian Vehicle Industry, Creating customer joy and shareholder's wealth; A pride of India Collaborators

Distributors: Maruti has a good distribution system with 933 dealers and 2, 946 service stations across India. Suppliers.: Maruti has several suppliers across India and abroad. Main one of those is DCM architectural, the main provider of engine components. In a market with diminishing margins, suppliers have to operate with contracts that promote deferred payments which will increase the the liability of companies by stepping into long term contracts with the suppliers thereby not being able to guide the purchasing value beyond some point. Appropriately, Maruti Suzuki operates with a number of suppliers for all the unprocessed trash by giving every single one a restricted share of business to be able to exercise a few amount of control around the purchasing value.

Forces: Maruti Udyog limited is having alliances with Windsor (a leading exporter of car spare parts)and Beusonica corporation- Japan car body components including substantial tension metal Customers:

Maruti caters to the middle class Indian segment which is known for their value for money. With 933 dealers and 2946 service channels it is very approachable to its customers. Since most customers have become value consciousness inside the time of economic slowdown, Maruti Suzuki as being a volume based player and having market share of about 38% (in 2012), Maruti Suzuki has been able to offer attractive discount rates to the consumers which has resulted in an overall increase in its market share by 6%. Marutis market share rose to 637, 500 units a year ago. Recently maruti has received in terms of market share and worth every month. Provided below is maruti's performance in passenger segment, utility section and car segment and market expansion.

Overall Market Growth

Maruti Suzuki's Growth

Household Passenger Cars (Volumes)

2 . 6%

1 . 3%

Export Passenger Cars (Volumes)

on the lookout for. 2%

(2. 4%)

Total Passenger Automobiles (Volumes)

installment payments on your 7%

0. 9%



Source( While in the general passenger part, Maruti is the clear leader; it has a reduced share inside the sedan portion with 38%(still the leader) and an extremely negligent 1% in the electricity segment vehicles.


The automotive industry is currently witnessing a whole lot of new style launches and minor change in the existing versions to attract new customers. At the same time, the margins have already been decreasing over the industry indicating the need to decrease production costs to generate adequate income pertaining to the investors. In the car segment, Honda has the second largest industry share(after Maruti at 38%) with a market share of...