Parts of Computer system Essay

Elements of Computer


Every computer systems require two types of parts basically together to create them run. These parts are:

1 . Hardware -- The components is the part of the computer you are able to touch and see. Eg: Keyboard, Mouse button, Hard disk and so forth

2 . Software program - The program is a portion of the computer you can touch although is

extremely important. The software is all the encoding that makes

the computer run; handling everything that the pc does. Common computer hardware

The following is a list of the most common hardware available on office and home computer systems.

The Monitor is the screen, similar to a television set screen. ________________________________________

The Keyboard is actually you type on, being a typewriter.


The Mouse button is the small hand held system that hooks up to the laptop. It may have got two or three keys. The mouse button is used to advance the cursor (pointer) on the computer screen. ________________________________________

The Computer, structure, or case is the center of the system. This is a box which contains all the parts that make the pc work. It can be identified by the fact that it does not seem to do anything. It also offers slots to place computer hard disks in. ________________________________________

The Inkjet printer is a device that sets what you have formulated on to conventional paper. ________________________________________

The Scanner can be described as device that captures photographs so that they can be seen and utilized on the computer, being a color polycopier.

Computer software

As referred to earlier, the program is a part of the computer you cannot touch yet is very important. The software program is all the programming or instructions which make the computer work; controlling everything that the computer does. There are two kinds of software program that help the computer operate: 1 . Operating Systems

installment payments on your Applications

An Operating System is the base system on a...