Postmodernism Marketing Essay

Postmodernism &Marketing


During the last ten years very limited number of terms have had a huge impact on virtually all social disciplines as the word ‘‘postmodernity'' has already established. It would not be astonishing that this kind of a significant term has been the concentrate of the a number of studies within a various disciplines. In accordance to Firat, Sherry and Venkatesh (1994) ‘‘Debates and discussions with regards to postmodernism, postmodern culture, and postmodernity have formulated some of the most productive, heated and exciting journals and shows in, especially, the last decade''(p. 311). Even though the term postmodern started to be employed after WORLD WAR II, it scientifically came into existence with all the publication of Jean-Francois Lyotard's La State Postmoderne more than three decades ago. Since then postmodern condition seems to have contaminated almost every part of intellectual endeavor. As Darkish (1992) implies, apart from architecture and literary theory, postmodernist theory can be evident in numerous academic areas, such as beliefs, sociology, politics, theology, history, economics and many more besides. Because of its profound impact on individualistic aspect of consumer and intake, it is inescapable that advertising is also affected deeply by postmodernism. Therefore, those who would like to make a lengthy run and satisfying revenue have to develop at least a basic knowledge of the terms ‘‘postmodern'' and ‘‘postmodern marketing''.

It would be more convenient to give some fundamental knowledge about postmodernism before outlining its huge effect on the discipline of marketing. According to Encyclopedia Britannica postmodernism is described as a ‘‘late 20th-century movements characterized by wide skepticism, subjectivism, or relativism; a general hunch of reason; and an acute level of sensitivity to the function of ideology in asserting and preserving political and economic power''. Postmodernism can be viewed a criticism to 20th century modernism. It is a resistance to modernist suggestions such as independence,...

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