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Brain Dead Mother about Life Support

In this scenario, the hospital should take Mary away life support even though the girl with pregnant. Although the hospital is convinced that they are undertaking what's great for the baby, it may not necessarily be precisely what is best for the family with this moment of grief. The reasons for this disagreement are mainly because Mary acquired previously informed John, her husband, that she would not want to be stored alive if anything were to happen. Second, even if Martha was kept on life support long enough to execute a caesarean section treatment on the baby, the baby may have a high probability of developing everlasting birth defects. Additionally it is very possible that the premature fetus would not survive by any means independently from the mother. Last but not least, the whole means of the hospital keeping Mary in could be too costly to the hospital and Steve especially if the scenario escalates to a legal challenge. For these reasons, I really believe that Jane should not be maintained life support systems. The hospital is currently continuous to act with out John's approval and refusing his ask for to take Jane off life support within the premise of hoping to conserve the unborn child. In this circumstance, the hospital is convinced they are doing the right issue even though Jane had expected not to live artificially. Inside the times that Mary was alive prior to the accident, the girl made a conscious decision about the life span support system and how that is not something the girl wants pertaining to herself. Martha made basically and I feel that the hospital will be denying her rights and her requests by keeping her alive. The opposition may argue that probably Mary manufactured that decision just before she was pregnant. Nevertheless , my counter argument to that particular would be that Mary did not change her decision or perhaps tell Steve that she would want your life support given that she was pregnant. There is also a possibility that she manufactured that decision after getting pregnant. As that was not clearly mentioned, it would be incorrect to deny Mary's correct...

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