Essay regarding Promotion of User Pay Concept by Hong Kong Authorities in Looking at Personal Responsibility of Cultural Welfare

Promotion of User Spend Concept by Hong Kong Government in Considering Personal Responsibility of Sociable Welfare

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Comments for the Promotion of " Customer Pay Concept” by Hong Kong Government in Considering Personal Responsibility of Social Welfare

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HUI Chiu-hung

June 2013


After the arrival of 20th hundred years, the sociable welfare guidelines implemented simply by Hong Kong Federal government were tended to shift compared with the era ahead of 1997. The role of Hong Kong Authorities in providing social well being started to become a lot more passive. In the consultation newspaper of Long-term Social Wellbeing Planning in Hong Kong released in 2010, this suggested the introduction of shared responsibility with the aid of the Principle of User Will pay as one of the leading principles to get social wellbeing planning. This kind of resulted in an important debate in the neighborhood for injecting the concept of End user Pays Principle.

This paper will take this possibility to focus on the discussion of the qualifications, the pros and cons of the User Compensates Principle in the next adopting in neuro-scientific provision of social well being in Hong Kong in the near future. Suggestions will also be controlled for fine-tuning the current methods to make a mutually beneficial and more balancing way for the sociable welfare concerns in Hong Kong.


In respect of the energetic and constantly changing features of social and economic conditions before few decades, Hk Government designated the Social Welfare Exhortatory Committee (SWAC) to have an in-depth study around the long-term progress social welfare in Hk. This could help in providing on time response to the welfare requirements in our culture. In 2010 04, SWAC printed the assessment paper of Long-term Sociable Welfare Organizing in Hong Kong, which spent a significant part in conveying the leading principles intended for social welfare planning ought to include the concept of users' participation, shared responsibility as well as sustainability.

To have a better picture of user pay out principle, it is usually defined as the attempt to help to make those acquiring individual gain accountable for the cost of that benefit. The application of consumer pays basic principle demonstrates the concept of individual and personal responsibility and liability in social welfare sector. The role and accountability of Hong Kong Federal government will be constantly stepped down, while individuals in the contemporary society will concurrently bear more and heavier stocks in the future. The mechanism may also lead to an alteration in resources allocation of social wellbeing and interpersonal services, which is often interpreted as more marketplace oriented or affordability-basis.

At the pursuing, this article will display my several points of look at regarding various perspectives.

To get the Concept of User Pays Theory

In Hk, the current social welfare method is considerably beautifully shaped, including a a comprehensive portfolio of developmental, remedial and preventative services intended for the general public. Nevertheless , many arguments suggested that the system with shared expense of using those welfare companies would inevitably generate a feeling of dependency intended for the people, remove their work incentives, create meaning hazard for the whole society and reduce the determination of enhancing the living quality of the citizens. This is particularly crucial for those social welfare solutions that are not too difficult to be damaging, such as but not limited to the use of emergency medical services or perhaps public real estate services.

According to the consultation newspaper of Long term Social Well being Planning in Hong Kong (2010): -

" When assistance users will be active individuals rather than passive recipients, you might expect them to contribute to the success of the services. The contribution could be by means of cooperating with the service providers to realise the desired outcome, and/or sharing the cost of services provision. The...