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Questionnaire about Market Potential for Icecream


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Malabar Local Co-operative Milk Producers' Union Ltd.,

Kalleppully, Palakkad – 678 005



MRCMPU LIMITED., Palakkad Dairy products is one of the three dairies under Malabar Local Co-operative Milk Producers' Union Limited. This kind of dairy arrived to living in 1967 as Palakkad Co-operative Dairy supply union limited beneath the Madras Co-operative societies Take action. In 1978 KLD & LOGISTIK Board experienced taken over this kind of dairy and it was under their control until 1983. In 1983 Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited taken over this dairy by KLD & MM Board. But when MRCMPU was listed on 29-06-1989 with the slogan " Maqui berry farmers Prosperity through Consumer Satisfaction”, this section also came under malabar region. And so on 01-08-1990 Malabar Local Co-operative Dairy Producers' Union Ltd., taken over this dairy and that started operating very effortlessly and obtained success in each and every step. This dairy products is located at Kalleppully which can be 5 Km away from Palakkad Town. Under this Dairy Two Milk chilling Herb are also operating, one by Attappady, which is both a tribal and hill area, and the various other at Pattambi.

Capacity um f the Dairy was 6000 Litres /Day when it started to function. Later on they have expanded to 40, 500 Litres/Day. And after this it is 90, 000 Ltrs/Day. The Capacity of Attappady Relaxing Plant was initially 2000 Ltrs/Day now it is twelve, 000 Litres/Day. THE MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS ARE:

1 . Installation of a new pasteuriser with a capability of 12, 000 litres/hour. 2 . Set up new sack filing equipment so that we could pack promote up to 70, 000 lt of milk/day 3. Installing of new Milk storage succursale which means that we can00 store approximately 1 Lakh Litres/Day. i actually. e.; the whole milk created daily inside the milk shed area of Palakkad. 4. Set up more Ghee settling containers (4 Nos. ), which in turn enables us to do upto a few melting in one day. 5. Ghee clarifier is installed and which help all of us to provide best quality of Ghee without any deposits. No give up in top quality. 6. Set up new Cream ripening reservoir.

7. Presented new RMRD and equipment.

almost 8. RMRD motorisation system and Auto CLR indicator: this is one of the major features of this Milk, which are not able to find anywhere in south India. A sophisticated, automatic computerised system for RMRD procedures at this Dairy products on trial basis the success ful one and able to receive 1, 00, 000 litres of milk within three hours at dock and analyse 180-200 society selections with in one and half hours. This product records dairy reception data automatically inspections fat and Snf, data quantity info of examples and creates all the required information for successful Dairy administration and on time payment. In addition to this auto CLR indicator quickly measures and digitally exhibits the CLR of milk samples within seconds. This product is easy, quickly and exact method and reduces the manpower inside the Lab/RMRD. being unfaithful. New laboratory to give even more thrust upon quality also to improve the chemical & bacteriological quality of your milk & products. Therefore we could obtain consumer satisfaction with nil complaint. 10. Installation & operation of recent ETP Plant with channel & high capacities. 14. New furnace.

12. New Power electrical generator with a capacity of 300 KVA

13. Increased the refrigeration potential

14. Fresh store building.

15. Mounted new computers with local area Network with Internet Center.

Of course , we all cannot show all our successes in single lines or words. Still there are many things achieve. We will try to attain more and more to highlight the slogan of our...