Essay regarding Reflection upon Practice

Reflection in Practice

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Reflection in practice

(Using Mark-Maran and Rose 1997 reflective model)

During my term 1 position on a gynaecology ward, I got the chance to observe a patient attend the pre-operative assessment product. For the purposes of anonymity and confidentiality, to uphold the Nursing & Midwifery Authorities, professional code of perform (NMC 2008), I have given the patient the pseudonym of Lorraine. Lorraine was called from her local DOCTOR, due to post menopause blood loss, which was discovered to be tumor of the uterus. The gynaecology specialist healthcare professionals did the pre-operative examination, which I attained consent from the patient to observe (NMC 2008). Lorraine was medically match and fixed the approval form to look forward while using operation. Two days later Lorraine was going to possess a laparoscopic abdominal hysterectomy and a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. I also gained agreement from the cosmetic surgeon and anaesthetist to observe the operation (NMC 2008). I presented myself to Lorraine in the waiting area, which gave me an ideal possibility to speak to her and gain more of a comprehension of her condition and just how she sensed. Lorraine seemed happy to clarify her state and how the girl felt once she was diagnosed; she welcomed queries and responded them with ease and comfort. The first thing that shocked myself was how simply Lorraine spoke about her state and that the expression ‘cancer' would not scare her when the girl first observed it. This is my 1st encounter with a recently clinically diagnosed cancer patient, and I did not know what type of emotional condition to expect Lorraine in, although I was happily surprised at how well she appeared to be coping. I felt it was where my own communication abilities were missing, Nelson-Jones (1990) stated that; ‘facial manifestation are an inbuilt way to show emotions'. Looking at this I must have shown get worried and concern through my personal facial phrase, this caused Lorraine to get on my feelings during the conversation, your woman tried to make clear how her approach to...

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