Reflective Account Essay

Reflective Accounts

Presentation reflective account


I actually shall review my demonstration, commenting about:

•where I actually used my own skills very well;

•my comprehension of adaptations within my role; and

•areas for improvement.

Understanding and understanding

While feedback noted, I included a good standard of information on my own chosen customer, (representing the diverse group - Old Adults). My spouse and i presented know-how and understanding on how My spouse and i worked collaboratively to address limitations.

My own presentation featured the percentage costs of depressive disorder and anxiety amongst older people, based on IAPT Positive Practice Guide intended for Working with Older People, 2009. I actually also pointed out issues faced by older people in getting at mental well being services, demonstrating this through my own service's access figures. This presented a good framework to the clinical work I undertook.

Before assessment, I asked the client if she acquired any requirements I should know about. We decided to undertake the assessment each morning due to my own client sense less worn out then. My client wanted telephone are this achieved it easier on her behalf to access the service. I had been also mindful of tough my own presumptions of older people, as Velasque (2007) advised that unintended biases derived from assumptions about identity typically leads to poor engagement in therapeutic work.

About reflection, I need to be more proficient of services available to seniors, which I may signpost consumers to (e. g. The Active Retirement Association). This will have been beneficial for my consumer as the girl had simply retired and was choosing the adjustment challenging. James (2008) suggests that adapting to change is a frequent psychological component older people deal with. Using this concept and normalising my customer's retirement problems proved good for the client to explore and improved the working bijou.

During consecutive sessions I even more developed my adaptations using James' (2008) suggestions for poor...