Review of the Book Wealthy Dad, Poor Dad by simply Robert Capital t. Kiyosaki Composition

Overview of the Book Rich Father, Poor Daddy by Robert T. Kiyosaki


" Rich Father, Poor Dad”


Robert T. Kiyosaki

1 . Author's purpose on paper this.

The Kiyosaki's goal is composing this book is always to communicate that being learned and creating a good job does not always mean that you will automatically be economically stable or perhaps successful. Kiyosaki believes it is those individuals which can be financially well-informed and financial literate that contain a better chance of making a lot despite them for a living. Essentially it is those who discover how to make money improve them that contain a greater possibility at getting wealthy. He also declares that these rich people educate their children about money in a different way to those of the middle course and poor.

1 . 1Genre of the publication.

The genre of the this guide is a financial self-help publication.

1 . 2Who is the planned audience?

The intended audience is anyone who would like to better their financial circumstances as well turning into financial brilliant and economically savvy. Also, it is directed at father and mother who want to educate their children how to make money work for them rather than for them to improve money.

1 . 3Author's style?

The Kiyosaki's style is definitely informal and user friendly, meaning that it is not packed with complicated economical jargon, which can be helpful for a person not really acquainted with the business and economical sides, to easily understand the author's concept.

2 . Synopsis.

Rich Daddy, Poor Dad' is made up of eight chapters. The first part is an intro into how Kiyosaki's yearning for financial success fantastic consequent education in financial literacy began. The other to ninth chapter happen to be divided up into his lessons and tips on how to turn into financially savvy and prosperous. The last phase is information on points to so with these lessons and where to go to start your journey to financial freedom. Each chapter will probably be given a short summary of the main lesson and essential themes.

In chapter 1, Kiyosaki explains to the story regarding when he was nine, he and...

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