Essay regarding Risk and Return Evaluation on Prevalent Stock of Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd and Nepal Purchase Bank Ltd.

Risk and Return Evaluation on Common Stock of Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd and Nepal Investment Bank Limited.

Chapter I


1 . one particular Background

Finance is definitely the backbone of any business. No organization can maintain and develop without financial. The businesses with the audio financial framework can compete and lead the market. Economic growth of the country depends on the supply, mobilization and utilization of the financial resources. Financial institutions play the role intended for economic advancement any region. Financial sector primarily shows the banking sector. Therefore , there is a quite definitely dependence on the banking sector for the complete economic development of any country. Number of banking institutions are raising rapidly in recent years in Nepal. This is a good indication for the introduction of economy in Nepal. This is a positive effect of the monetary reform from the country.

Generally, a word lender indicates ad advertisement bank. Experts have identified in various elements about traditional bank. A modern bank performs volume of functions; it has become very difficult to provide a precise meaning of a traditional bank. Some of the crucial and frequently used definitions of a bank get below.

" Ordinary financial business includes changing funds for bank deposits and bank deposits for money; transferring traditional bank deposits from a single person to corporation (one depositor) to a new; giving lender deposits in exchange for expenses of exchange, government you possess, secured or unsecured claims of businessmen to repay. ”[1]

" A commercial bank can be one which exchange money, build up money, welcomes deposits, funds loans and performs business banking capabilities and which is not a financial institution meant for supportive, agriculture sector or pertaining to specific purpose. ”[2]

" A commercial company is a dealer in funds and in alternatives for money, including checks or bill of exchange. This individual also supplies a variety of monetary service. ”[3]

" A commercial bank is essentially a seller in funds. It is a banking institution that accepts the need and period deposits by business establishments and people and partcipates in both organization and buyer lending. ”[4]

" Finance is a branch, which looks after the money matter of the whole organization. Just about every organization needs a sound financial system to carry out its activities proficiently because each and every managerial decision -making is based on financial analysis. It requires acquisition, usage, control and administration of funds required for the business. Managerial finance is usually an interesting, interesting and energetic area of examine. Finance is involved with the establishment, markets and instrument active in the efficient transfer of money among individual business organization and governments. The finance is concerned with the alteration of capital funds in order to meet the financing need of business organization. Financial supervision leads to your decision making many skillfully. Financial has become an essential branch of economy for elizabeth. g. discuss market.

Also in the least produced country just like Nepal, stock market has become one of the important parts the national economy. Currency markets is the essential part of the financing that motivates the development of the country's monetary sector. The assumption is that in he capitalistic economy enlargement of currency markets represents the development of the country's financial sector and it speeds up the nation's growth.

Capital marketplace refers to industry for long-term debt and equity stocks and shares. It can be further more divided into primary market and secondary marketplace. Primary marketplace is the market in which the shares can be obtained to average person for the first time and the supplementary market the securities which have already been purchased by the community in major market happen to be traded repeatedly. Lord Keynes was the first person to express stock market as ‘a game of professional investment'. The main goal is to earn or to generate lots of money. Success comes to all those; treat it as a game being played designed for profit also for enjoyment and sports. Inventory...