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Rizal Ch 9 Details

Visited Postdam, city near berlin


Maximo Viola - can be described as doctor of medicine who given money to Jose Rizal so that Rizal can post his initially known book " Noli Me Tangere".

Tour Starts

May eleven 1887 remaining berlin by train

vacation spot was Dresen, one of finest cities in Germany



Dr . Adolf B. Meyer -- director in the Dresden Art gallery who admired his all over knowledge and ability, remarked " Rizal's many-sidedness was stupendous. "

DR . FEODOR JAGOR – German scientist-traveler and writer of Travels in the Korea

Mentor FERDINAND BLUMENTRITT - Movie director of the Ateneo of Leitmeritz, Austria. Blumentritt is an Austrian ethnologist and he has an desire for the Filipino language

Prometheus Bound - The famous portrait of the Prometheus myth is arguably by Peter Paul Rubens and Frans Snyders c. 1611-1618, essential oil on fabric. Philadelphia Art gallery of Fine art. Story: Prometheus was a titan; He was a champion to get mankind, reputed for his amusing intelligence, who also stole open fire from Zeus and provided it to mortals. Zeus then punished him to get his offense by having him bound to a rock when a great skull cap ate his liver daily only to have it grow returning to be enjoyed again the very next day.

First Ending up in Bluementritt

Bluementritt was a superb tourist guideline and a hospitable host He demonstrated scenic and historical places of leitmeritz to his visitors

The Burgomaster(town mayor) was excited by Rizal's " privileged talent" because of his fluent german born speaking skills in just 11 months of learning.

May 16, 1887 9: 45 am. They will left Leitmeritz by educate


They visited the historic city of Prague

The great professor made welcome them and showed these people the city's historic areas.

Visited The tomb of capurnicus, the museum of natural history, the bacteriological laboratories, the famous cave in which San Juan Nepomuceno, the catholic st was prisoned, and the link from which this kind of saint was hurdled in to the river referred to as Vltava Lake...