S. Ur. Nelson’s Metallic Drivin’ Guy Reviewed Article

S i9000. R. Nelson's Steel Drivin' Man Evaluated



S. R. Nelson's Steel Drivin' Man – John Holly,

The Lots of Story of an American Story Reviewed

Caroline M. Johnson

University of Houston – Downtown





Jeff Reynolds Nelson examined the life span and loss of life of a Mister. John Bill Henry in the insightful book titled, Metallic Drivin' Person – John Henry, The Untold Account of an American Legend. In accordance to Nelson, John Henry was from Elizabeth Town, New Jersey, turned 18 in 1865 and stood five feet one particular and one fourth inches when he first appeared in Prince Georg e State, Virginia in April of 1866 (44). Here, because Nelson started out his voyage to the fact behind the actual John Holly, he came across many mysteries. Based upon my understanding of Nelson's research created in his publication, Steel Drivin' Man, this kind of paper can explore just three tricks that Nelson encountered along the way and how he confronted them.

I will analyze the

conditions surrounding Steve Henry's incarceration, the events that led him to drive stainlesss steel and finally, the main cause of his death. In doing therefore , I hope to find a deeper awareness of the life and times during the John Holly, whether he be fact or fiction, which can be eligible a much deeper appreciation with the triviality of some of present commonplace issues.


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Nelson was unable to find any before recordings of John Henry until his arrival in Prince George County after the Civil Warfare when the land was still in upheaval (41). John Henry was launched by way of the felony justice system. What criminal offenses had John Henry devoted to deserve this ill fortune? In 04 of 1866 John Henry was imprisoned for stealing from a grocery store (46). He was arrested for " housebreaking and larceny” and later sentenced to ten years inside the state penitentiary. How and why was John Henry's crime of petty robbery enhanced to such a degree?

The Freedman's Bureau began in 1865 to protect the rights of the newly separated blacks inside the South and oversee criminal prosecution on felony matters. Even though this appears to be it would have been ideal for the previous slaves, an invariable being hungry for electrical power created a below favorable final result (47). At this point, there were virtually no courts or perhaps law. The Freedman's Bureau became the rule of the land for any period. (47). To make things worse, David Henry was convicted in 1865 the moment politics had been at a peak for race relationships. In try to maintain control above Blacks, a new set of regulations were written known as the Black Codes which limited the rights in the black people and seperated them from the Whites. There are many punishments that freedmen were exposed to if they will didn't the actual harsh requirements that were piled up against them. The Black Codes were essentially produced as tools for your egg whites so they will could keep control over the Blacks. Nelson paperwork that " sentencing was especially harsh” (53).

Although John Henry awaited trial, the City Rights Action of 1866 was passed over Leader Johnson's divieto, which prohibited black laws. Yet still, the last decision of your respective fate is always narrowed down to one person—the judge. Nelson described Ruben Henry's Judge, Justice Edward cullen Chambers, while angry and a vibrant supporter Johnson (55). Assess Chambers was known



for his intricate speeches in which he would denounce the foncier of the North and perhaps criticize the City Rights Act. Judge Compartments would after that proceed to open up the Court docket for John Henry (56). The prosecutor was no unfamiliar person to the political games either. He knew a demand of theft was undemanding on it is face. Nelson explains the way the prosecutor " had the court attendant cross away " burglary” on the indictment and substitute the impose with " housebreaking and larceny” as a result allowing an even more severe sentence (56).

More than a century ago John Henry had dedicated petty robbery and was sentence to ten years in Virginia Condition...

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