Sample - Report Producing Essay

Test - Statement Writing

A young motor bicyclist crashed in a busy buying area. He accused a student of creating the car accident. As a principal witness, you may have been asked by the law enforcement officials to submit a report. You must are the 3 points below: The behaviour of the group of learners at the buying area What caused the accident

Consequences of the accident, reactions of parties involved and your judgment. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Coming from: Ms Kelly wan

Orchard Avenue

Quatre Bornes

To: The Commissioner of Law enforcement

Trianon Law enforcement officials Station

twenty six May 2011

Accident for Shoprite Purchasing area

Tendencies of pupils Shoprite Bus Stop

On Friday twenty-five May 2011, at about 5 pm hours, I witnessed an accident concerning a motor cycle, a car and a student. I was on the tour bus stop and a group of pupils were ranking not far from myself. I could notice a lot of laughter and joking nevertheless no vulgar language. I actually heard one particular girl say that her father was on his way and she would quickly be house at last.

The Accident

A few momemts later, an automobile stopped on the reverse side of the highway and horned. The same girl waved goodbye to her good friends and stood at the kerb to mix the road. A red Mazda stopped allowing the girl to cross the street. Just i then heard brakes screeching and i also saw a tandem crash in to the Mazda by behind.

Consequences from the Accident

Nobody was hurt but an disagreement soon shattered between the motor cyclist and the car drivers. The motor cyclist falsely accused the driver of experiencing braked also suddenly as well as the driver was adamant that the electric motor cyclist just visited fault seeing that he was driving a car too close behind him.

Seeing the argument, the young woman burst in tears. The motor cyclist limped towards her and yelled that she was wholly responsible for the accident. She was surrounded by her friends and was became a member of by the man who had horned in the car earlier. The latter did not appreciate the motor cycle's attitude and...