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Could development starts off, there is considerable effort to make certain the company hires the right personnel. For example , entrance qualifications to get cabin team applicants are academic (at least polytechnic diploma, and therefore they have put in 13 years in school), as well as physical attributes. The recruitment procedure isextensive, regarding 3 rounds of selection interviews, a ‘‘uniform test'', a ‘‘water confidence'' test, psychometric tests, and a tea-party. Over sixteen, 000 applications are received every year, and the company hires around 500-600 new cottage crew, to hide attrition costs of around 10%. This include both equally voluntary and directed regret. After the Singapore Girls start flying, they are carefully monitored for the first six months time, through a monthly report by in-flight supervisor. At the end in the probationary period, 75% obtain confirmed, around 20% acquire an extension of probation and 5% leave. Senior managers at SIA believe that everyone, no matter how older, has a training and expansion plan with clear goals. The famous ‘‘Singapore Girl'' goes through training for 15 weeks, much longer than any other airline and almost twice as extended as the industry average of 2 months. Thistraining involves not only useful skills just like food and beverage portion and safety training, but also soft skills of private interaction, personal poise, combing and deportment, and psychological skills of dealing with the effects of providing very strenuous passengers. SIA's training with the Singapore Lady is compared to a ‘‘finishing school'': ‘‘The girls happen to be transformed fromcoming in, through the time offered out, they are totally different. All their deportment, how they carry themselves. There's a superb transformation there'' (Sim Kay Wee). Furthermore to this kind of training, TANTO also encourages and supports activities that may, on the area, be seen while having not do with service in the air. Crew have created groups including the ‘‘Performing Disciplines Circle'', setting up full-length performs and musicals, the ‘‘Wine Appreciation Group'' and the ‘‘Gourmet Circle''. These kinds of activities aid to develop companionship and staff spirit. Throughout their initial schooling and future career, team employees also spend time by welfare homes, to get a close-up engagement together with the less fortunate, who may have to be based upon others for survival. This is certainly aimed to make them develop sympathy for others and set themselves inside the shoes from the passengers. The contents in the training change to reflect consumer expectations. ‘‘While our Singapore Girl can be our icon, and jooxie is very pleased with her and her achievements, we carry on and improve her skills; all of us continue to increase her ability to understand admiration of wines and cheese for example , or our Oriental heritage. the enhancement should be continuous'' (YapKim Wah). Cottage crew may select refresher courses, and average show up at 3–4 days' of these kinds of courses 12 months. Popular programs include ‘‘transactional analysis'' (a counseling-type course), leadership classes, and Western languages. The corporation is shifting from a process of directing which programs cabin team should enroll in, to one of ‘‘self aimed learning'', wherever staff have responsibility because of their own creation.


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