Essay about Social Studies Sba

Social Research Sba

Statement with the problem

Exactly what the causes and effects among teenagers in San Juan Hill, Father christmas Cruz Older Road, San Juan?

Factors behind selecting location, and matter of exploration in the community of Santa Cruz Old Highway, San Juan: There are many teenagers who will be pregnant. In light of the fact that education of a young female could be disrupted by simply pregnancy. We am thinking about finding out in the event the teenagers who are pregnant now were born to a teenage mom and maybe continuous the pattern of adolescent pregnancy. Likewise to an extent belonging to a certain family type pre-disposes a new girl to teenage pregnant state.

Approach to investigation

In order to collect data through the survey. I've decided to make use of printed forms. The customer survey is a instrument for collecting data and it has a number of advantages. It requires little time to be completed and it ensures confidentiality since respondents aren't required to attach their titles.

Dear Villager,

This is a review being carried out in San Juan Mountain to determine just how many teens are pregnant or with had a child or even children as a teen. What are the reasons and associated with teenage pregnant state. This analyze is being executed as a great assignment intended for my interpersonal studies school base Assement (SBA). You are asked to answer the subsequent questions actually. This set of questions is confidential please solution by ticking in the box when necessary.

1 .

Age group 13-14 Age groups 15-16 Age ranges 17-19

2 . What is the occupation?

Pupil employed jobless

several. What type of family did you grow up in?

Solitary parent Brother or sister household

Nuclear family members Extended friends and family

4. Was your mother a teen mother?

Yes Not any

5. At what age would you have the first kid?

13-14 15-16 17-19

6. What were the causes for you pregnancy? a. Pushed by your spouse


Pressured because of your peers


Lack of parent supervision


Lack of love from your father and mother


Were you raped?


Wish to spite your mother and father


Lack of knowledge of the connection between

Sexual activity and pregnancy


Did you experience any of the following following becoming pregnant? a.

Discontinued his studies


Create of your father and mother home

c. Being left behind by good friends


Daddy failing to provide for his responsibilities


How do you keep up with the child?


On your own


Assistance from the father


Assistance from your parents


Assistance from family members

at the. Assistance from sociable welfare

on the lookout for.

So what do you think is possible to reduce/stop the incident of teenage pregnancy?

a. Abstinence classes in school

b. Therapies from parents

c. Parenting classes for adults in the neighborhood

d. Arranged sporting ethnical activities inside the

community that you have to attend

12. Did you consider having an abortion?

Certainly No

11. Who was the biggest help during your motherhood?

Mom Father

Boyfriend Nobody

12. If you had the decision to make once again would you?

a. Offer an abortion...