Social Media Dissertation

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One of the most interesting areas of today's society is mass media, particularly social media. People day in and day out browse the web freely to find just about anything they want. You seriously can find almost anything to pleas the mind of any age these days. However , can social media always be endangering the future being a society? I will discuss diverse views and also my own ideas of improving social media. Including celebrity athletes as well and the way dangerous the mix can be. While over 69% of Americans enjoy some sort of sporting event, it's important that individuals examine sports athletes as well. These types of celebrity sportsmen are looked up to simply by millions people, by terms of idols, heroes, close friends or just total good individuals. However is actually not if these sportsmen are good or bad at their career it's how are you affected outside of it, in the real life. The press has a big impact on our American athletes today, whatever we see on tv, in magazines, in social networks; has an effect on us since members of society.

Social media is known as a dangerous pet when it enters the hands of sports athletes. They are competitive to the maximum, they are arrogant and cocky. But whom wouldn't be when your image is out there for anyone to see. They generally times usually think about their particular social status prior to applying social media. Whether it is needless trash talking or unacceptable pictures, many athletes just forget who they actually are and don't get how to control their do it yourself being when social networking. The two major strikes for players are Twitter and Facebook. Twitter is a very popular social networking service and micro blogging and site-building service that enables its users to deliver and go through text-based messages, commonly known as " tweets”. Facebook or myspace is also quite popular social networking companies which new users build a personal account, add other users as close friends, and exchange messages, which include automatic announcements when they bring up to date their profile. Professional sportsmen, like various celebrities, are using social media to get in touch with supporters and share all their personal hails from ways they never could before. Although because of a lot of strict rules and professional circumstances, many athletes have found themselves in hot water after their poor times or perhaps controversial position updates. There are all kinds of incidents to choose from when ever trying to find awful social media practice when it comes to an athletes' personal account. During this past year at the Olympics in London, we all came across many bone-headed Olympians who chose to post whilst going for platinum. One occurrence came when Australia's swimming team member Chip D'Arcy was seen having a gun toting gangsta create uploaded to Facebook in June. As an sportsperson representing their very own country I believe this type of habit should not be suffered, as the country looks down on assault and guns. Another episode came about the moment Aussie swimmer Stephanie Rice posted an image of herself in a bikini that was obviously a little more uncovering than anticipated. Although this kind of photo was not that awful it definitely triggered a national drama within the photo the girl posted on twitter. Though that wasn't her first come across with facebook, just a year before your woman tweeted " suck about that faggots” in 2010 after Australia outperform South Africa at rugby meet, causing a nationwide episode scene. Both of these incidents only hurt our society. Not to mention the hundreds you see practically day in and day out. But these two specifically are picked amongst hundreds of thousands of sportsmen to go and represent all their country and perform by their best. But these behaviours are examined closely and present them an undesirable reputation and maybe destroy all of them as person.

So how exactly to we better these athletes of ignorance when it comes to the realm of twitter and Facebook? I really believe we instruct them better. I know for me personally seeing is known as a better way of learning and understanding. More visuals may help. Show them samples of ruined kudos and careers as a result of an athlete staying...