Essay about Spanish flottille

Spanish armada

п»їwhy did the spanish multitude fail?

The Spanish Flottille failed for several reasons here are a few of the factors.

English ships had better cannon because The spanish language cannons may only fire once an hour while the British cannons may fire every three mins. Also the Spanish didn't have enough qualified gunners to use the cannons so they'd to use regular soilders to regulate the cannons.

The The english language had smaller and faster ships to enable them to easily place in and out in the Spanish delivers. While the Spanish ships had been big and slow it is therefore harder for them to weave in and out of the English language ships.

The English applied eight open fire ships so they could easily eliminate the The spanish language ships. But the Spanish delivers got apart to quickly so the flames ships don't destroy virtually any Spanish boats. There were feet soilders for the fire delivers and when they lit the ships alight each soilder would jump into a existence boat.

The Spanish did not collect all their army through the Netherlands. Mainly because they had to hold going because the English was subsequent them as well as the english blacklisted of a part of the ocean so the Spanish could not turn back that were there to keep on going.

During the surprise Sixty Five ships had been destroyed and Twenty Thousand people were dead. Also when the bad weather arrived the The spanish language were close to Scotland.

I believe the bad climate is the most important since more The spanish language ships acquired destroyed in order that gave an advantage to the British. Also I believe the two central ones will be English delivers have better artillery and English have got smaller nevertheless faster boats. And I think the base two are definitely the Spanish didn't collect all their army inside the Netherlands as well as the English utilized eight flames ships.