Essay regarding Stickley Pieces of furniture Operations Managing

Stickley Household furniture Operations Administration

Cathryn M. Agge

Stickley Furniture




Sept. 2010 26, 2011


After changing management current Stickley Furniture managers were able to convert the company around, growing and generating a stable demand for their products. They produce fine cherry wood, white oak, and mahogany furniture with a prestigious brand of mission oak furniture. Stickley Furniture has a production facility outside of Syracuse, New York yet has various showrooms in New York Express, Connecticut and North Carolina. Making use of 1, 350 employees, Stickley Furniture has become able to gain report with local clients and gain a large market share in the north eastern area of the country. Utilizing a continuous procedure paired with set and work shop procedures, they are able to keep a level production schedule. This enables them to constantly produce household furniture during times of low demand and have enough furniture in share to handle the high demand times of the year. Seasonality paired with their particular level development keep Stickley Furniture in constant development.


Stickley Furniture suppliers fine cherry wood, white maple, and mahogany furniture which has a prestigious distinctive line of mission maple furniture. Stickley Furniture contains a production center outside of Syracuse, New York but has various showrooms in New York Point out, Connecticut and North Carolina. Employing 1, three hundred and fifty employees, Stickley Furniture has become able to gain report with local consumers and gain a large market share in the north eastern area of the country. With continued development and scientific advances, they may have the opportunity to enhance production and streamline creation processes. Reason of Various Techniques used in Production

Stickley Household furniture uses a various processes to complete each piece of furniture. They have developed ways to utilize their seasonal require to their gain. Utilizing slow production times of the year enable Stickley Pieces of furniture to stay on top of production throughout the busy times during the the year.

The Constant Process

The vast majority of production of furniture utilizes a continuous process. A continuous procedure consists of a quite high volume of output (Stevenson, 2009). Most end result is highly standardized and very low variety inside the output. This non-standardization will not require significant flexibility of machines and production gear. Worker skill levels vary from low to large depending on the complexity in the item to be produced (Stevenson, 2009).

Stickley Furniture employs various skills levels, from low to high. This range is needed to retain production jogging at a consistant rate, as well as; getting the highly skilled workers work on even more intricate items. These highly skilled employees can aid the corporation in personalization and inspection processes. The bottom skilled employees are essential for the everyday creation of furniture and enjoy a crucial part in the completing of the furniture.

In the beginning of the development process, significant and numerous pieces of lumber happen to be sawed in numerous ways with respect to the current process or preferred end result. These kinds of pieces of wood are sawed into small more feasible pieces to continue in the process. Implementing technology whenever you can has allowed Stickley Pieces of furniture to take these kinds of cut pieces of lumber and run then through a computer system controlled " optimizer” observed. This saw improves production and helps to get rid of some waste (Stevenson, 2009). This technological addition is aided by simply workers who have manually tag any main defects in the lumber then feed the lumber throughout the optimizer. The computer recognizes the defects and determines the ideal cut to get the desired benefits. Additional cutting operations are sometimes necessary for certain jobs, but that is contained in a different process.

Following the sawing process, the unfinished wood is glued collectively and pushed with huge presses that can hold twenty to 40 pieces at a...

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