Subject of Study and Importance of the idea of Architecture. Essay

Subject of Study and Importance of the Theory of Structure.


The gender chart thinking? Thinking is a task we carry out naturally and spontaneously, every single moment, daily, all humans around the world during our stay ephemeral moving on this globe.

The truth is something we could perceive while using senses, nevertheless the reality is anything hidden that will not perceive the senses.

To any actuality we get a whole lot of inquiries: what, so why, for to whom is, by simply whom, etc .. We look for things do not perceive the senses. For this explains intellect, or at least make an effort to explain, unwrap, discover what is hidden. Therefore thinking is usually primarily answer questions or make an effort to answer the questions that it must be intelligence.

Also think about is to determine or to detect what are the best way to accomplish a target and exactly what are the consequences of what we do.

Quoting the book, written by Hanno-Walter, E. (1990). Good Architectural Theory. Madrid: Union Editorial. Theory of Architecture " is possible to reach a definition concise theory of architecture, if you take the history from the theory of architecture, because the total of what has been knowingly formulated as a theory, basically, written assortment of thought that defines the history of architecture. ''

After that we can extrapolate that the theory of structure is the result of thinking, examine, devouring the reality, history, then diluting this method in a response that is an anchor from where to understanding architecture as well as its development and formation which in its history. Who can assess the same architectural history to come up with a theory, part of the evolutionary development of that history.

The theory is definitely studied by the history of architecture, appearing to choose this research, making it the effect of criticism and architectural evaluation. This gives way to new theory to be able to mark a period of time specified in architectural record, from the necessary characteristics with this theory had been legacies for the same period its very own history.

Contrary to popular belief, theories are not only trial and error, because if we consider that the purpose of theory is to explain the laws and regulations, it is logical to understand that theory can arise via an inductive process, important thinking by objects, mass media tangible and sensitive.

Do not forget that the theory, experiential angles, intellectual and individual, certainly not are overall truths, but are the result of empirical observations and a make clear curious. As a result they are conducive to alterations that will be part of the evolution considering and new points of look at that emerged, and still emerge to emerge from written history and structures, adding to the resulting formula story that will emerge as we move forward forward6171.

The idea allows us to foresee. Should enable us to predict just how something works. If theories serve to coordinate knowledge that will be useful, which order and clarify some thing possibly we might take to composition and appreciate ourselves.

It is essential to understand the different points of view, through which different ideas arise Each architect or perhaps theory brought up that point, and so we can have got a real bottom and unbiased investigation in an executive object or possibly a specific design. Know the ideas and readily available is essential for people to create our own theories. The most crucial point ideas of the previous is that in some manner help all of us to know which in turn decisions to generate and not to ensure that we stay away from the mistakes in the past.

As is noted in the article by L. AcuГ±a, keep in mind that the theory the moment focusing on these kinds of sensitive objects, is specifically based on that aesthetic hypotheses made in the analysis of each entity own architectural, feature of an age. As artistic is the website of pure looks, the only thing that counts is the impression communicated by the buildings. Not how is your day look is achieved, due to the fact that this corresponds to the...

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