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9_12 Business and IT BF05 - Personal Financial Test you Study Guideline 1 . two Rutherford 501 4. Mrs. Dunn always goes to the cleaners fever currently brewing from her job. This illustrates a decision made: A. by following rational steps. N. from behavior. C. in impulse. M. with choices in mind. your five. Mr. Matthews bought the п¬Ѓrst field of candies he saw for his wife's birthday. This shows a decision produced: A. by using logical methods. B. from habit. C. on impulse. D. with options in mind.

1 . Ted earns $250 a week coming from his part-time job. His goal is usually to save $150 each month to take a vacation. Which will phrase IDEAL describes this kind of goal? A. Attainable, but is not measurable M. Measureable and time-bound C. Measurable, although not time-bound M. Specific, however, not measurable installment payments on your Mary's goal is to put aside money for Holiday presents from May right up until December. Which usually phrase FINEST describes this kind of goal? A. Attainable and measurable W. Realistic, although not time-bound C. Time-bound, but not realistic M. Time-bound, although not measurable three or more. Matt's goal is to preserve his pocket sized money to acquire a used CD player via his relation who has merely bought a new player. Which phrase GREATEST describes this kind of goal? A. Measurable and time-bound W. Measurable, although not time-bound C. Not considerable and not time-bound D. Time-bound, but not considerable

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6th. At breakfast time, Carla's Dad announced a friends and family trip to visit his mom. At lunch time, Mary invited Carla on the shopping trip and Jeff invited Carla to join him for a picnic lunch. In that case Carla noticed that all the invites were for the similar day and she would need to make a choice. Which...