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Every pupils have right to a diverse and well balanced curriculum. This must also always be supported by superior quality teaching and learning encounters. Schools possess a duty to ensure all pupils have equal access to the curriculum irrespective of their background, race, traditions, gender, extra need or disability.

This is, not merely the learning occurring in the classroom, although everything which usually happens in the life from the school.

Policies on introduction and equality of chance can only become successful if they will help to raise achievement and also to promote self-identity and very good relationships throughout the participation of most children and young people. Endorsing equality of access to the curriculum will maximise the individual achievement of kids and young people. Equal prospect does not mean dealing with pupils precisely the same, but ensuring that the program meets the individual needs of all pupils. This involves understanding the limitations which exist. Intervention tactics, such as extra support, can then be put into place early on before kids fall past an acceptable limit behind. Substantial expectations, of most children, happen to be fundamental to raising achievement. Participation requires everyone in the school. There ought to be opportunities to speak to children and their parents regarding all areas of the school as well as the curriculum. This may include the advancement and the overview of school policies. Participation may be achieved formally through student councils and parents' conferences. It may also occur in the class room when children and teenagers can be mentioned how they study best, what works to them and what could be increased,. Schools need to recognise and support almost all pupils' access to everything that is occurring in the institution. This will enhance a sense of that belong and self-esteem. When kids and young people are able to participate fully, they feel highly valued for who they actually are and the contribution that they generate. This can be attained by acknowledging and reflecting...