Essay regarding Teens Pregnant state Between Age range 15-19

Teens Motherhood Between Age range 15-19

Nakeda Denise Ford

Envision an average group of teenage girls even now in senior high school that have usually done every thing together. Earning straight A's in school and belong to a wealthy family members, and rapidly they plan to come up with a pack. The pack is good for every one of them to become pregnant by their boyfriend or maybe a random guy. Planning the pregnancy load up, the girls are unaware of the consequences that their actions may bring them.

Now photo a young woman around the regarding sixteen whom feels extremely unwanted and unloved simply by society and in many cases her individual parents. Sense abandoned and alone, the lady decides to become pregnant to satisfy the need of like.

The next small women has fallen in love with her new boyfriend trusting he is the solution to her challenges, but this individual seems to be pushing away from her and begins to pursue other females. Sense as if she gets no control over the situation, the lady decides to be pregnant thinking that a child will bring all of them closer with each other. Only your woman succeeds at bringing all of them farther separate.

So what do these 3 cases share? What may lead these types of young girls to get pregnant, and why does pregnancy seem to be the perfect solution is to their difficulty? There are many answers to these inquiries. The following examples will explain what kind of situation and what frame of mind influences these girls to be pregnant. A single reason could be that teens see others female pregnant or to keep their romance stable. Another reason teenager gets pregnant because of loneliness.

There are also different contributors of teen motherhood. Teenagers today are having love-making at a new age thinking that they are responsible and in a position to take care of an infant. Teen motherhood can also effect...