the sixth wave Essay

the 5th wave

Cassie Sullivan: The central protagonist from the novel, a sixteen-year-old lady who has made it the peculiar apocalypse and it is on a mission to save her five-year-old brother, Sammy.

In the early on pages of the novel, Cassie tells us that she has altered from the approach she used to be—that she gets become a fantastic. Given the context by which Cassie discovers herself—kill or perhaps be killed—this increases the sympathy intended for Cassie instead of diminishing that. She is a teenage young lady in incredible circumstances, and moreover she actually is an remarkable teenage young lady in these situations because of the method that your woman responds to things. Your woman endures and overcomes extreme physical soreness because she loves her brother and wants to reach him; the lady does not offer into solitude, depression, or perhaps hopelessness, though she works with her situation with a kind of gallows wit that shows her brains and endears her towards the reader.

Just like Cassie, Bill is a quite average American teenager—endowed by particular presents, like good looks and athleticism. After the invasion, however , Bill is transformed into a warrior. Ben differs from Cassie in that he has actually lost his entire family; thus, he can at first weaker to hopelessness. Since he is racked with guilt regarding his failing to save his younger sis, Ben is definitely haunted and defeated. It seems like he would in fact welcome fatality, and no surpise so; in the end, what does he have left to have for?

Ben's feelings of guilt and depression help to make him specifically susceptible to Vosch's brainwashing techniques. Vosch performs on Ben's desire for revenge—the last strong emotion left to a child who has lost everything else, it appears. In this feeling, Vosch innocently saves Ben and transforms him in a formidable adversary. As the adage goes, " What doesn't get rid of us makes us better, ” which proves the case for both Cassie and Ben. Ben's coming-of-age occurs during a great alien apocalypse, rather than over a high school soccer field; ultimately, this...