Book Review Essay

Book Review

Reish Lee Malicdem


Finally! My semester just ended. I'm getting about two weeks faraway from the university before another one starts. I'm going to catch up in the reading list, I've fallen way behind schedule. Haha! Anyway, one of my training this semester was PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY 100 or perhaps the " Rizal" course. Among our last requirements, we were required to submit an composition on Ambeth Ocampo's distinguished book Rizal Without the Overcoat. Here's what I actually wrote (crammed might be a better word choice) Heh heh: �

My own Perception of Jose Rizal and Ambeth Ocampo's Rizal Without the Overcoat�

Of all the points I have discovered in our very humble university, non-e of it I actually treasure more than ability to see things objectively and contextually. I used to be a brash and outspoken young man always speedy to make presumptions and always fiery with passion for what I actually deemed was right; even if all I had developed was a premature conclusion. We brought this kind of attitude within our college or university and was quickly humbled by males and females that taken care of their peaceful and adhered to logic, not sudden vagaries and misdirected passion. This kind of, I thought to myself is what I wish to become. I resolutely set to transform my methods and actions. To some degree I do think I have been successful. But improving oneself is known as a continuous and endless procedure that every specific must aim for. Even our venerated countrywide hero has not been the product of biological flawlessness and all-natural wisdom. He slowly, thoroughly improved him self with every problem he made, collectively book he read. As you and me, he is a human being that attained what he did, certainly not because he is definitely special or was most likely going by some good prophecy, but because he performed for it. An example would be in neuro-scientific language. He did not turn into a polyglot naturally; language did not come simple to him. It absolutely was the product of your diligent and willful learning process. In his letters to his sister, he expostulated that while in Germany, he previously a hard time learning the local tongue. This individual didn't appreciate some of the dialects and features of the local people. Then, on a latter correspondence, he would point out he had finally been able to comprehend everybody but that the issue was not every person could understand him. This can be a clear example of language purchase through coverage. As an Organizational Communication major, I use taken a number of units of Psycholinguistics and will summarily say that this is an ordinary thing, that Rizal's acquisition of various languages was boosted because he was subjected to them. Filipinos often miracle when they notice that Rizal was literate in a handful of languages. Even my Filipino educator in high school called him " genius” when she told us this reality. I stated earlier that I learned to see things contextually, and is important to discover things doing this. If you contextualize, Rizal was not necessarily a genius as they was a polyglot. He was simply a industrious and focused individual who acquired the opportunity to come in contact with such 'languages'. Yes, the acquisition price may seem just a little fast, but it isn't accurately genius. Rizal worked faithfully to become the person he was. Which is what's missing via all the ebooks and biographies about him. It�s this that they do not say. Anybody can be like Jose Rizal. �

I remember my own History 1 class love it was only yesterday. Professor Jerome Ong handled the class brilliantly and presented History having a certain attraction and complete reassurance that my high school graduation history classes had been lacking. I remember learning for the first time that Aguinaldo was responsible for the deaths of several heroes, especially Andres Bonifacio. It opened my own eyes and it had been what caused my love pertaining to history. Whilst I kid I have always been fascinated by the past and all its hidden complexities. Sorry, My spouse and i digress. We all proceeded for the topic of whether Rizal was rightful countrywide hero. Mentor Ong provided us the typical Bonifacio was your leader from the revolution, this individual represented the masses. Rizal was a great American-sponsored leading man, that he...