Essay about The Sis Brothers

The Sister Friends

Philip DeWitt book " The Sister Brothers” is set in western frontiers of America in 1850's. Eli and Charlie Siblings are notorious professional criminals, are on their way to California to kill a male named Hermann Kermit Warm. Charlie makes money and eliminates anyone who stands in his method. While Eli on the other hand provides doubts by what they do for the living and falls in appreciate easily. In " The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli he says the easiest method to manipulate persons and gain power can be through Intelligence, fear and emotion. Inside the novel " The Sis Brothers” Charlie the eldest brother employs all of these techniques to control his brother and people around him.

" The wise man does at once what the deceive does finally”- Niccolo Machiavelli Charlie uses his brains to trick others in to thinking that he's a gunslinger that performs by the rules. In one example, Charlie and Eli are cornered by a group of trappers. The trappers plan to get rid of the siblings to gain fame and fortune. So Charlie proposes the idea of a fair duel between him and the leader. As Eli counts to three Charlie transforms around and shoots all the trappers inside the head eradicating all of them. Steve was able to control the situation and live through the use of intellect.

" It is advisable to be dreaded than cherished, if you cannot be both”- Niccolo Machiavell Charlie though has the best of the two worlds. His brother loves him devotedly while others around him dread him. Steve has murdered so many males that this individual has become notorious and when people hear his name they tremble with dread. For example when Charlie and Eli trap Hermann he lays his gun straight down and gives up without a second thought. He knows that they will could get rid of him ahead of he even moved to pull the induce.

" A wise royal prince should build himself upon that which is in his personal control rather than in that of others” " I was rather than an efficient monster. I was not really and had under no circumstances been and would never become. Charlie had been able to employ my state of mind was almost all; he had altered me, exploited...