Undertake Makerting Activities Asseswment 3 Composition

Carry out Makerting Activities Asseswment 3

Examination 3

Survey for the promotion

* 1.  Please give the following information?


Grow older





* 2.  How did you hear for this promo?


General public selling

Direct Marketing

Product sales promotion

Function and encounter

Public Connection

* 3.  Did you make any purchase from the company today?



* 4.  Do you imagine promotion through social networking websites are usually more effective than the one in writing? Yes

Not any

* 5.  If BBQfun shall be endorsed by celebrity does it effect your purchasing decesion? Yes

Simply no

* 6.  Which of the next tools are more effective to advertise BBQfun relating to you?

Advertising and marketing

Public regards

Sales advertising

Direct advertising



* 7.  Did you find this kind of promotion in Easter Weekend to be effective? Certainly


* 8.  How do you arrive to know regarding BBQfun?



Produce media


* 9.  Will you purchase out of this company if perhaps provides economical facility/installment service? Yes

Not any

* 10.  Did you find employees to be ready and qualified for this promotion? Yes


11. Do many of your friends, family and associates know about BBQfun? Yes

Simply no

They did not but after today they certainly

I'll advise to these people

5. Make a marketing activity report for your manager to review.

After the campaign activity we choosed ( 30% lower price on Easter weekend) we can make some considerations.

The eight week campaign included:

Flyers creation with the 30% voucher and printed, and given away in shopping zones etc . Creation of brochures and droped in every mail package, with the thirty percent off coupon. Promotional with this activity in Brizzy magazine.

Training of new staff for the people days.

After the Easter Weekend we can see our promotion had a lot of accomplishment. And helped bring new customers. Along with the analisation of the reviews form all of us gave to each customer we could say that each of our brand reputation strategy was effective, today in the area of Brisbane we have a rise of our Company awareness of 28% more than before this promo strategy.

We had to work with different resources pertaining to our promoting activity including the Human Resources to find new educated staff. The Creative Team.

The Advertising and marketing Team.

The collaboration with Brizzy journal.

Andthe total amount of money we needed to spend for this plan was two hundred. 000.