Unseen Commentary Essay

Unseen Discourse

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Old mother and her mother-in-law have got a poor relationship as they are unable to communicate with each other well. Old mother's mother-in-law felt that Old Mom was ‘incapable' of giving birth to males. Hence Old Mom's mother-in-law considered Old Mother as one who was infertile and unable to produce any men children to the family. For that reason showing that Old Mother's mother-in-law looked down upon Outdated Mother as she would not have very much confidence in Old Mom to achieve her mother-in-law's targets of a daughter-in-law. Old Mother calls her mother-in-law because ‘the aged haughty one'. This implies that Old Mother's mother-in-law was pompous. Thus to call somebody arrogant implies that the person is proud and snooty, therefore difficult to preserve a good romance as Outdated Mother's mother-in-law despises aged Mother. Outdated Mother as well describes her mother-in-law together with a ‘poisonous tongue'. This kind of shows that her mother-in-law frequently criticises Older mother and frequently, these critique are harmful. Hence, it is difficult to maintain an excellent relationship when there is regular criticism of each other and lack of value for one one more.

Old mother and her sister-in-law have got a strained relationship as they are faced with your competitors of being the right daughter-in-law with the best children. Old Mom experienced ‘bitter humiliation' from her sister-in-law. Thus Old Mother was embarrassed by sister-in-law as they both equally were competitive for their other-in-law's favour with the healthiest sons. This kind of shows that throughout the competition involving the two, Old Mother's sister-in-law had done some things to purposely bad Old Mom thus forcing their romantic relationship. Also, Aged Mother identifies her sister-in-law to be ‘as spiteful being a snake'. This shows that sister-in-law as indicate to Older Mother and was upsetting towards Aged Mother. Therefore showing the stiff competition in the family members to produce healthier sons through which caused Aged Mother and her sister-in-law to be indicate...