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UNIVERSITY OF NORTH SUMATRA FACULTY OF LETTERS ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT MEDAN Cut Novita Srikandi: Credit In The Translation Of M. H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover Into Indonesian, 2010


Alhamdulillah, in the name of Allah SWT, I would like to thank Goodness, the Effective and the Merciful for offering me the guidance, the ability, the persistence, and the ability to finish this thesis. And also great reputable for Prophet Muhammad NOTICED the leader plus the rule model of Moslem permanently. First of all, I would really prefer to express my own sincere honor and understanding to my personal supervisor and co-supervisor, Dra. Masdiana Lubis, M. Sound and Drs. Yulianus Harefa, M. Impotence. TESOL, for his or her willingness sharing times and patience in guiding, improving, and supervising this thesis. Further, I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to Prof. Syaifuddin, M. A. PhD, because the Leader of Faculty of Letters GENER, to Drs. Dra, Swesana Mardiah Lubis, M. Sound as Brain of The english language department, and again to Drs. Yulianus Harefa, M. Ed. TESOL as the Secretary of English Section for supplying all services and opportunities in doing this thesis. I likewise would like to express my gratitude to my own academic advisor Dra. Roma A. Loebis, M. A, to my advisor DR . Eddy Setia, M. Impotence. TESP and for all lecturers of English Department who have given great contribution expertise that can improve my intellectuality during these academic years. My own deepest gratitude is devote to my rest and wonderful relatives, to my mother, Kartini Eka Putri, thanks for the fantastic spirit, pray, and limitless love you may have Cut Novita Srikandi: Funding In The Translation Of M. H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover In to Indonesian, 2010

always been sharing with me, (I can't picture how existence could be if there weren't you), I then would like to commit my extremely special thanks to my wonderful man, Kiki Surya Welanda, who has motivated me and provide me a great spirit, like, support, help and much information about computer. I hope you will be there in my area forever. Likewise for my personal amazing good friend Chalimatun, Rodiah, and Rina Murinda (thanks for the nice friendship), and thanks for Bulanda for being my own foster sister. I love you all. In addition, I would like to thank to my classmates of '06, Rika, Wilda, Rina, Novi, Reza, Qinuy, Ifa, Dewi, Aa', kajol, Efa, Ari, Rindi, Taqem, and Miss; for my own senior especially k'Fresty, k' duma, k' Lia, k'Tila, k'Winda and bang Angga, for all the party favors, discussions, thoughts, advices, and the sincere a friendly relationship. May Allah SWT, the Almighty bless them all, Amin.

Medan, 12 , 2009

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Cut Novita Srikandi: Asking for In The Translation Of D. H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover In Indonesian, 2010


Skripsi yang berjudul " Credit in the Translation of M. H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover into Indonesian” adalah analisis yang terfokus di strategi funding dalam mengadopsikan unsur serapan asing ke dalam kode Indonesia yang terdapat di dalam novel Lady Chatterley's Enthusiast karya M. H. Lawrence dan terjemahannya Lady Chatterley's Lover yang diterjemahkan dengan Arfen Achyar. Data pada analisis ini dikutip dan dikelompokkan berdasarkan strategi yang digunakan penerjemah dalam menerjemahkan bahasa sumber ke di dalam bahasa target yang menerapkan strategi credit yang misalnya dicetuskan oleh Vinay kemudian Darbelnet (2000: 84). Di dalam analisis ini ditemukan yakni strategi credit yang dimanfaatkan penerjemah dalam menerjemahkan kode sumber ke dalam kode sasaran memanfaatkan dua teknik, yaitu: (1) menerapkan Naturalized Borrowing yang menunjukkan adanya modifikasi pengucapan dan bunyi (refered to EYD), (2) menerapkan penyerapan kata seutuhnya, tanpa hadirnya modifikasi pengucapan dan bunyi (pure borrowing).

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Cut Novita Srikandi: Borrowing In The Translation Of D. L. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover Into Indonesian, 2010