Vu Quang Trinh Composition

Assiste a Quang Trinh

Question1: B2B ordering process of House building business.

1 . A need is definitely recognized. Someone recognizes that the organization contains a need which can be solved by purchasing a good or perhaps service. In this case, the home building company provides a need in lumber intended for constructing.

2 . Basic need dercription and product specification: Band of Engineer, accountant, Manager helped bring together which will make the obtaining decision, operate to put several parameters about what needs to be purchased. In cases like this, they identify what kind of lumber they believe is needed, the features it should include, how much than it is needed, and so on. 3. Potential suppliers are searched for. At this point, the people in home building company active in the buying method seek out advice about the products they can be looking for and the vendors that may supply all of them. They look on the web first to find sellers and products, in that case telephone or perhaps e-mail the suppliers with whom they have relationships. Purchasing agents often play a key role with regards to deciding which vendors are the most competent. Are they trusted and fiscally stable? Will they continue to be around in the future?

4. Skilled suppliers will be asked to complete responses to demands for proposal (RFPs). Getting agent of home building company can sent to company's sales firm that meet a necessity an request to submit a bid to supply the favorable or service. An RFP outlines the actual seller has the capacity to offer in terms of its product—its quality, price, financing, delivery, after-sales support, whether it is usually customized or perhaps returned.

five. The proposals are assessed and supplier(s) selected: your decision of choosing vendor base in these requirements:

- The purchase price

- The high quality

- The valaibility of product.

- The Stability of source

Weyeehaeuser provider's chosen to supply lumber for home building business

6. An order program is established. This can be the stage in which the actual buy is...