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O. D. #3B

Query #1 will be worth 5 points – all others are worth 1 point each. Possibly type your answers immediately onto THIS sheet OR create a fresh file and number the answers 1, 2, 3, etc . 1 .

The subsequent " gem" comes from the business world and as you can see is filled with redundant, empty, wordy, AND needless phrases. � Re-write that so that the ideas are expressed within a much sharper and more stylistic way. To:                    District Managers

From:  �           � Margaret Davenport, Vp Subject:             Customer Files

It includes recently been brought to my interest that a percentage of our revenue representatives have been completely failing to log reports of their consumer calls in our electronic buyer file every day. � I use also found that some reps are not checking the customer file on a program basis. �

Companies sometimes be given a multiple volume of sales cell phone calls from all of us when a sales representative is definitely not cognizant of the fact that the customer has been called at my old time. � Repeated telephone calls from our associates annoy each of our customers. � These repeated telephone calls likewise portray we as one that is certainly lacking in business. �

Effective right away, direct your representatives to complete the following: �

Record each and every consumer contact in the electronic document at the end of every day more often than not. Check the electric file with the very beginning of each and every day to ensure that telephone marketing communications will not be initiated with clients who have already recently been called. �

Allow me to extend my personal appreciation to you personally for your cooperation in this significant matter.


To:            District Managers

By:  �    � Margaret Davenport, Vice President

Subject matter:     Customer Data files

Lately brought to my attention a portion of our product sales representatives had been failing to log reviews of their consumer calls in our electronic customer file every single day.  Also representatives are not checking the customer files on a schedule basis. �

The clients receive multiple numbers of calls coming from us if a sales agent is not cognizant that clients recently been contacted for a previous instances. Telephone calls from our representatives annoy our buyers. These phone calls portray our company lacking in firm. Effective immediately, direct the representatives to accomplish the following: �

Record every customer contact in the electronic data file at the end of the day without fail. Check the electronic digital file at the outset of the day to ensure that telephone communications will not be initiated with customers who have already been called. �

Allow me to extend my personal appreciation to you for your assistance in this essential matter.


installment payments on your Rewrite the following sentence to fix fualty parallelism. Police puppies are used for locating lost children, tracking bad guys, and the detection of bombs and illegal drugs. THE RESPONSE RIGHT HERE: Police pups are used for many different reasons, including finding dropped children, traffic monitoring criminals, detecting of bombs, and unlawful drugs.


3. Reword the following phrase to correct faulty parallelism. During basic schooling, I was not merely told how to proceed but as well what to believe. YOUR RESPONSE HERE: I used to be told how to handle it, and what to think during basic training.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. Rewrite the following sentence to correct defective parallelism. Actions on Friday afternoons consist of fishing excursions, dance lessons, and computers. YOUR RESPONSE HERE: Afternoons activities upon Wednesday comes with fishing journeys, dance lessons, and personal computers....