Writing Organizer Essay

Writing Organizer


HOOK/LEADQUESTION, QUOTE, OR INTERESTING FACT| What is a phrase that will catch your reader's attention and encourage them to keep reading? | BACKGROUNDINFORMATION2-3 sentences outlining the Or Trail. | Who, what, where, and once, of the Oregon Trail| THESIS STATEMENTWhat would be the three causes? | Was it a good option for people traveling on the Or Trail? | Details| 1) 2) 3)| BODY SECTION


TOPIC SENTENCE| Precisely what is the main notion of this body paragraph? | TRANSITION| To begin with, first of all, to get started on

DETAIL #1: Case from the text or notes| What is a details that supports your opinion? | Description of detail| Explain how detail you supports/defends your opinion? | TRANSITION| Second of all, additionally , as well, next

DETAIL #2: Example from your text or perhaps notes| Just what detail that supports the opinion? | Explanation of detail| Make clear how details 2 supports/defends your thoughts and opinions? | TRANSITION| Third coming from all, furthermore, finally, last of all| DETAILS #3: Example from the text or notes| What is a details that facilitates your view? | Justification of detail| Explain how detail several supports/defends your opinion? | CONCLUSION PASSAGE

RESTATE THESISRewrite thesis statement and revisit the key points | Rewrite your thesis assertion in a way that gloves up the paragraph. Make sure to include your three details in this phrase. | REVIEW DETAILS| Claim something about every of your information that wraps up the essay. | POWERFUL STATEMENT| Precisely what is one word that would persuade/convince someone to possibly go on the Oregon Path or not really go on the Oregon Trail?

What type of publishing would you use this graphic organizer for?