ZARA Case study Essay

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Perey, Lauren Alexis G.

Pili, Alessandra Emile N.



Zara Uses Functions Research to Reengineer Its Global Division Process

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A. Issue Analysis:

" Fast fashion” is a term often associated with this Spanish clothing maker and merchant, which has rapidly sped up the designing and delivering trendy clothes across the world. Zara's source chain contains two major warehouses found in Spain that periodically acquire shipments of finished clothes from suppliers and send replenishment products on hand directly to every single Zara shop in the world 2 times a week. An important associated challenge is to decide the exact quantity of units of each and every size (up to eight) of each article (up to three, 000 at any time) that needs to be in each shipment with each store (more than one particular, 500). This matter is critical because its remedy determines the " bloodstream” of Zara's merchandise to its stores, and it is difficult because We. The number of linked shipment decisions reaches a number of millions, � II. The amount of relevant data (warehouse inventory, store inventory, and retail store sales record for each article) is also tremendous, � 3. The offered warehouse products on hand is often limited, �

IV. Most retailers will only offer merchandise when the set of available sizes is definitely complete enough (introducing complicated dependencies across sizes), and� V. These decisions must be made in just a couple of hours.

N. Solution Advancement:

In 2005, the process utilized by Zara to get determining shipments involved the examination by a large staff of factory employees of shipment needs sent by simply every retail store, which shown an opportunity to increase both scalability and profits. The Zara team began to develop an alternative decision method relying on verified analytical strategies, including foretelling of algorithms, stochastic analysis, and a considerable mixed-integer programming model. The implementation provided many technical difficulties, like the need...